Saturday, April 27, 2013


For the 23 years I've been in and around this house the light switch in the hall was also the switch for the bathroom. We constantly had to tell visitors to use the hall switch when they went to the powder room. Sometimes we would wait to clue 'em in after we let 'em fumble around in the dark for a few minutes. Cheap entertainment. This is no more the case! We'll have to find something else to entertain us....

Hall light off, bathroom light on!

Hall light on, bathroom light off!

We have TWO thrones!

For the first time in the history of this house there are two Thinking Thrones!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Re-bath ala Dear Hubby

The bathtub in the main bathroom is original to the house. That means it's a nice deep cast iron tub. Not one of those new ones that when it's full your butt is barely covered.  One might be able to learn to snorkle in the current tub. We've been buying materials for years. I know we bought the sink, medicine cabinet, faucet (that isn't the right one - another rant, another day), sink cabinet and some other materials back in 2007. I remember because that was one trippy trip to Lowe's....morphine pain pills and Lowe's - I still have flash backs.  Surgery was still looming. Through that season of morphine haze, I do remember that Lowe's trip. ANYWAY, we contemplated our bathtub options and finally decided we had nothing to lose if we spent $50 on a reglazing kit since really that all that was wrong with the tub was the shiney was all gone.  Fast forward almost 6 years, past a kitchen remodel...Dear Hubby's first attempt at re-glazing the tub has turned out quite impressive.