Sunday, June 12, 2011

mud and tape!

The mud and tape fairy came and got a really good start!

this is the part that goes slow to me...something about getting the mud and tape on there and not crossing the tape when the other is still wet and then there are corner thingys and then something about a bed coat (I don't personally want to wear a coat to bed) and then sanding and skiming and more sanding, and there's that whole pesky issue of having to earn a living to pay for all of this...

I'm starting to think of paint colors...wonder if it would be okay to paint some of the mud and then it'll get sanded off and then I can try another color, it'll get sanded off, we don't have a bunch of splotches of paint mixing up my mind and the one that we keep thinking about is the one.  Think dear hubby would like that?  Wonder if the paint would ig up his sand paper? (Yes, I just said "ig up" - as in make it icky...I'm sure it's in the dictionary - some dictionary, some where.)

I wish there really was a mud and tape fairy, so she/he could wiggle their wand and viola! it's all ready to paint.  But that would mean I have to have color picked out and well, let's just say I'm not the best at seeing tones.  That's what I have Dear Sweet Hubby for!

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