Monday, August 29, 2011

Doing dishes

So this last week my kitchen sink was temporarily removed so I now have the fun job of doing the dishes in the bathroom.

Step one:

Gather up all the dishes that have stacked up during the week:

step two:

put 'em in the bathroom


step three:

find the pans I use to make dressing in during the holidays (I will never look at them the same) and get water in 'em in the bathtub.

step four:

get the portable dishwasher and get dear hubby to push it into bathroom door while talking him into sitting on the "throne" (lid down) and put the washed and rinsed dishes in the dishwasher to dry:

All done!

step five:

Go to the store and obtain disposable plates, bowls, silverware and lots of sandwich stuff!

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