Saturday, June 23, 2012

3/4 Bath time

as I mentioned in my last post, Dear Hubby has done what we lovingly refer to as "found a bird" and has gone from working on my pantry to getting the 3/4 bath installed. LOOK! A Bird! Those of you who are ADD/ADHD, or who live with someone who is, will get that one. Anywho, here's where we've come from:

looking into what will someday be a 3/4 bath

storage space during construction of the rest of the kitchen

looking into bath from what is now my partially finished pantry 

still a storage place

found this sink at Habitat for Humanity's ReStore!

The Boy being, well, The Boy...the shower doesn't really work yet, he got his shirt wet giving the dogs a bath - MUCH appreciated by mama!

I LOVE this, DH installed this behind the bathroom door...

it "hides" the toilet scrubber and plunger!

light over sink installed

the switch for said light needs to be installed as does the one for the fan

trim needs to be installed and I know just the guy to do it!

he'll use the old stuff first, what he can anyway

There he is! Working on the trim...of course the predicted high is "only" 97 degrees today, and since the garage isn't big enough to do this king of work in, he has to set up in the driveway, which means as soon as the sun is directly overhead that'll be the end of work for today. Someday soon my one bath house will be a one and 3/4 bath!

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