Saturday, June 23, 2012

We have trim and a pantry - well sort of

My last post, You've Come a Long Way Baby, was many months ago and some progress has been made since then. We didn't have trim.  Dear Hubby took this

and turned it into trim

TA DA! We have trim!

Now my sweet Dear Hubby is on to another project because the pantry hasn't quite turned out the way he had hoped and he's going to have to pull a mulligan on's pics of the the building stage

this part works for me and I love the broom holder and the space at the top

it's this part of the pantry that we aren't pleased with. We thought we measured all possible sizes of shelving we would need only to find out rather quickly that we hadn't...I'm having a hard time organizing because stuff just doesn't fit right...and the boards are bending a bit under the weight, nothing a few braces wouldn't fix, but if the overall design isn't working for us then why bother?

So, what has my beloved ADHD hubby found to do instead of redo the pantry?  He's decided to go forward with the 3/4 bath, which I'll fill you in on in the next blog.

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