Wednesday, February 6, 2013

No, you may not use my toilet

If we had visitors and they asked to use the toilet we would have to tell them no.....Dear Hubby did tell me last night that if things went well with the plumbing he was going to start demo on the main bathroom today. I did hear him say something about part of the lines he needed to get to were in the wall so that would mean we would only have one toilet for awhile longer...I understood that to mean the new 3/4 bath would be all working before demo began.  As I write this, I have zero working toilets in the house...we can go out the The Boy's garage apartment (think frat house) and use that one but I'm more inclined to see if Army Surplus has a Porta it's 8:20 PM and DH just realized that another pipe has burst and needs to be replaced (the good news is he will have replaced all the plumbing in the house when this project is done)...he hates plumbing!

smoke at the top of the window and on the shutters....still signs of the floor furnace catching on fire back in 1997
I think the old shutters DH uncovered are cool.  Hopefully we can reclaim those.

                                                                                               maybe a hotel room is in order....

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