Thursday, April 14, 2011

knocking down walls

I got home from work Tuesday and found that a wall (THE WALL) had been taken out.  The house was still standing and it looks like it's almost ready for sheet rock to start going back up.

see the new wood going across the old wood? I understand that is a stiff back, this is what keeps the house from falling down and going boom when the wall comes out.  Also note in this pic that there are no nails sticking out of the old wood (or the new for that matter).  

old wires, some plaster and iggy stuff


  all cleaned up and no iggy stuff !

 this will be the new entrance to the kitchen, the closet to the middle room is gone and the stiff back is in...The Boy makes it look fun doesn't he? 

 dealing with that floor doesn't look like too much fun, but I have faith in Dear Hubby. 

the old door way....
the new bar area! 

Where the stove is, is where my peninsula will be and that white door you see will be a wall - that used to be the closet door and hubby is going to use it as the bathroom door.  

The wall was successfully knocked down and this little piggies house didn't fall in during the storm this evening so I think all is good!

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