Monday, September 12, 2011

The countdown is on!

Here's what Dear Hubby got done today:

Backsplash is cut and ready to attach to the wall..and something had to be done to the wall so the paint job is messed up - he says it's "no big deal"...

floor got patched - which means my floor can be installed (tomorrow maybe?!)

I have no clue why that crow bar is there...

the cabinet for the double oven is now installed - which should mean I get my ovens installed soon, right?

sheetrock was hung in the new 3/4ish bath too...that means that the sheetrock that was in the walkway into the kitchen (because that is where sheetrock is supposed to be stored) is now gone, which means the fridge can be moved out of the dining room (another logical place for cold food storage) into the kitchen - as soon as the floor is installed.  Today is the 12th, the OSU/TU football game was the goal I gave Dear Hubby to have me a functional kitchen when he started the tear out back in March.  The OSU/TU football game is this Saturday, the 17th, and the word is out that we're having a tailgate party...the countdown is on!!

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