Saturday, September 10, 2011

Running water in the kitchen!

I won tickets this week to go to a Beth Moore simulcast being broadcast at Metro Christian today.  I was blessed with not having to listen to how much Dear Hubby hates plumbing because of all of the trips to Lowe's it entails.  I got home at 4ish and only had to listen to a fit or two and counted three trips to Lowe's in 1.5 hours.  The end result is that I have a kitchen sink again!!!  I also have a built in dishwasher and no longer have to roll one from one side of the kitchen to the other!  Woooohoooo!!!

by next Saturday I am to have a functioning kitchen...TU/OSU tailgate at my house! Yes, I'm serious! Come on by and see what we've got going on...

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