Tuesday, September 6, 2011

counter tops - getting closer!

Here's what Dear Hubby got done today:

The granite tiles are all cut and in place - ready for mortar!

the pennies are "spacers" - he saved a few pennies by not buying the plastic spacer thingys at Lowe's too!  He just had to round up about 300 pennies....what does that say for my housekeeping?

My hoarder leaning husband found this that he had picked up from a job:

 The back splash is what we'll now use it for...I think it was planned for the bathroom but we may still have enough for that too...this first stack below is what he figures we'll need for the kitchen
 then he found this box...and below that box is...
 this box....

I guess some level of hoarding is a good thing!  A BUNCH of pennies saved here! WOOHOO!

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