Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Let the fun begin

It seems as though my Spring Break vacations generally end up as working vacations.  This year is no different.  My dear friend gave me her old kitchen and appliances (which by the way aren't old looking at all) and now my dear hubby, Johnny, has a new "bird".  Side note for those of you who don't know what I mean...for 21 years I've lived in some sort of construction and often hear "that's no big deal, I'll fix it later."  This comment is generally at the end of a project, and I've come to understand that it also means that the small stuff that may be no big deal to him and whatever it is will wait until he gets back to it because now he has another project in mind, and the current one is boring him.   He's seen another "bird" and is done with this one for now and will get back to it later...yea, right..the new bird will take him to another bird and so on, and so on...the birds never quit coming and the result is I've now got 21 years of "no big deals" piled up.  Okay, so now I'll get back to my original "bird" in this blog...the kitchen.  So now here I am on "vacation" or "staycation", and my kitchen is in the beginning faze of remodel.

Day one of tear out


day two....

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