Saturday, March 19, 2011

we don't need no stinkin dumpster

I'm not sure exactly what dear hubby is thinking.  We don't need a dumpster for the tear out.  REALLY?!  I want to get one of those dumpster bags from Home Depot.  He says we don't need it.  Wonder who will win this one? He says he can piece meal it out to the curb, which means he'll put a little in a contractor bag and put household trash on top.  Keep in mind that the trash people won't pick up more than 50 pounds at a time.  When is the last time you shoveled plaster?  It doesn't take long to get to 50 pounds.  How many extra bags a trash day can we put out there?  How long before the trash men catch on and leave a note telling us they don't haul off construction materials?  My guess is it won't take long.  Here is the plaster we have so far and the worst is yet to come (ceiling and north wall where the upper and lower cabinets were).

this pile is now bigger and seems like a waste of energy to get the plaster off the walls and move to the corner of the room only to move it once again to wherever dear hubby thinks he can get away with accomplishing the haul off.  I assume he hasn't had us haul it to the back yard with the rest of the plaster pile because he's realized that the dogs will soon have no place to hang.  Here's the outside pile:

The Boy  has been carefully taking the lathing out of the plaster piles (say that fast five times) because dear hubby thinks it'll be a good idea to burn it along with other wood that can't be re-claimed. 
this stuff makes a BIG flame REALLY fast...didn't I hear that there was a high fire danger?  Not sure burning is a grand idea right now...I did notice that my insurance upped my coverage this year, but do we really want another fire at this house?  So when exactly are we going to burn all of this, plus what hasn't been torn out yet, along with this
I know, we'll burn it after or during a good rain.  That would mean someone standing vigil on the burn for days, probably well into the dog days of summer.  Or, I know, here's the plan, we'll leave it for our neighbors to view until we have a tailgate party (hopefully for the TU/OSU game this year) and the guests can all stand around the Coleman Firepit and "throw another log on the fire"...that'll be a grand ole time and guarantee that people will return for future back yard events.

Now re-claiming wood I can get on board with and have pulled nails before.  I imagine I'll be pulling nails for awhile.

this is just part of the re-claim pile.

Here's the basic view my neighbors see right now

Someone please explain to my dear sweet hubby why we need a dumpster....


  1. I have a place for the plaster. If you want to haul it out here we have a "free" dirt and rock dump.

  2. you are encouraging his behavior Glenna. He'll probably take you up on it too. Thanks!