Friday, March 18, 2011

Ta Da!

When we went to pick up the cabinets and appliances from my friend in OKC, the contractors at her house were using this dust barrier system that we thought was pretty darn cool.  So I looked online and Johnny looked in the garage and I found the REALLY big zippers (LOVE btw) and hubby found visqueen that had been purchased for another "bird" and never used.  Here is what we have...

you have to forgive my picture taking skills...the almost constant shaking I do makes it hard to take a pic unless I put the camera on "subject in motion" setting and I forget to do that - or I have to hold my breath, and even then it's not guaranteed that the picture will come out and there's the chance of passing out...anyhoo, this is my temporary kitchen in the dining room and the dust barrier.

Here's a close up of the big zipper...

when I walk from the old kitchen area into the temporary kitchen area I feel like I should say TA DA! so I do. 

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